Planning & Development 

Planning applications are to be made to Council for approval of the proposed development



How to register your dog

To register your dog, please download and complete our Dog Registration Application 2023- 2024  (PDF). Alternatively, you can get a form from Council’s Customer Service Centre at 9 Melbourne Street, Triabunna 7190.

Please bring the form in to our Customer Service Centre. We will give you a dog registration tag which is marked with an individual number linked directly to you.

You’ll receive your yearly registration renewals in the mail.

Other useful documents: 

Community Halls 

The Glamorgan Spring Bay municipality has 7 Community Halls that are available for hire.

These Community Halls are ran by our community committee volunteers, they take the payments and bookings.

If you wish to hire a hall, please completed this form and return to the committee member of the hall you wish to hire out.

*Please be mindful that our Hall Committee members are volunteers.

Recreational Grounds  

If you wish to hire out one of the recreational grounds, please fill out the application below.

Community Small Grants Program 

A funding scheme initiated by the Glamorgan Spring Bay Council to assist with community development in the Glamorgan Spring Bay municipal area

The Glamorgan Spring Bay Council recognises the efforts and contribution’s of sporting groups and organisations within the Community.  Any queries you may have with regard to this topic, or if you would like to find out more, please direct your enquiries to Glamorgan Spring Bay Council  (03) 6256 4777

Photo & Media Consent Form 


Issuing Food Business Registrations

In Tasmania, all food businesses selling food must be registered with the relevant Local Government Authority.
In Glamorgan Spring Bay, this means such businesses must be registered with Glamorgan Spring Bay Council.

To register a food business, you must notify council by completing a Food Business Application Form and returning it to Council.
You must have a Certificate of Registration for a food business from us before you can commence selling food.

Temporary Food Business Registrations, Food Stalls and Mobile Van Registrations.

Anyone selling food at a temporary food stall must register with us. The form must be lodged two weeks before the event. Guideline for Temporary Food Stalls

Mobile Van Registrations

A mobile food business is a food business that operates from a mobile structure.

The term mobile structure is defined in the Food Act 2003 as: ‘A vehicle, trailer, cart, tent, stall booth, table, barbeque, pizza oven, or other mobile structure, that is not permanently fixed to the whole, or part, of a building, structure or land, in, at or from which food is, or is intended to be, handled or sold.’

Food Safety Audits of Food Businesses.

Businesses that prepare and sell food are registered in Council’s database and regular inspections are carried out to ensure compliance with the Food Act 2003.

Online Food Handling Course

Glamorgan Spring Bay Council offers free online food safety training to the municipal area. The program can be accessed online, twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week.
We recommend that anyone handling food complete this program annually.

This program is easy to use and interactive, this program allows you to print off an acknowledgement form and a certificate of completion of the program that can be used as proof of accreditation.
Click here to access the ‘I’m Alert Food Safety program’

Glamorgan Spring Bay Council carries out investigations into Food Safety Complaints.

We investigate concerns relating to food businesses within the Glamorgan Spring Bay municipal area.

If you experience or observe any unacceptable practices in a food business located in the GSBC area, please complete an online complaint form or write to Council via email or post addressing the complaint.

If you would like more information or have any questions, please contact our Environmental Health Officer Natalie Rogers on 6256 4771 or

All forms can be accessed by clicking here. 

Right to Information 

Every member of the public has the right to access certain government information. Glamorgan Spring Bay Council is committed to providing information in order to provide a clear and transparent government and comply with appropriate legislation.

The Right to Information Act 2009 provides a legally enforceable right to members of the public in accordance with this Act, to obtain information contained in the records of the Government and public authorities.

Section 3 defines the object of the Right to Information Act 2009.

(1) The object of this Act is to improve democratic government in Tasmania:

(a) by increasing the accountability of the executive to the people of Tasmania; and

(b) by increasing the ability of the people of Tasmania to participate in their governance; and

(c) by acknowledging that information collected by public authorities is collected for and on behalf of the people of Tasmania and is the property of the State.

(2) This object is to be pursued by giving members of the public the right to obtain information held by public authorities and Ministers.

(3) This object is also to be pursued by giving members of the public the right to obtain information about the operations of Government.

(4) It is the intention of Parliament:

(a) that this Act be interpreted so as to further the object set out in subsection (1); and

(b) that discretions conferred by this Act be exercised so as to facilitate and promote, promptly and at the lowest reasonable cost, the provision of the maximum amount of official information.


Accessing Infomation 

Glamorgan Spring Bay Council provides information to the public through this website, and through the release of publications such as:

  • Annual Reports
  • Annual Plans
  • Strategies
  • Policies
  • By-laws

If it is old information it may be deposited with the Tasmanian Archives and Heritage Office:  telephone 03 6233 7488

If you cannot find the information you require using the website, please feel free to contact us. If the information is not freely available, we will assist you to make an application for an assessed disclosure. However, it is important to make sure you have looked for the information you require before you make a formal application, because if the information is otherwise available, your application may be refused without the return of your application fee.


How to make a Right to Information Application

If you are looking for information that is not available publicly, you can apply for it. We will conduct an assessment of the information requested and, where permitted by legislation, will release that information to the applicant. These applications are called ‘Applications for Assessed Disclosure’.

To make an application, you can complete our  Right to Information Form (PDF). You can submit your completed form in-person or by sending an email to attaching the completed form.

You can also send it by post to:

Right to Information Officer

Glamorgan Spring Bay Council

PO Box 6


Applications are to be accompanied by the application fee. This fee is 25 fee units, which is currently $46.50 for the 2023/24 financial year.


Processing your Application

If your application contains all the required information, our Right to Information Officer will assess it against the Right to Information Act 2009.

We will advise you in writing of the outcome of the assessment process within the following timeframes:

  • 20 working days for an ordinary application
  • 40 working days where we need to consult a third party.

If your application will take more than 20 working days to assess, either because we are consulting with a third party or because it is for a complex or large amount of information, we will notify you in writing and provide a revised date.

Our Right to Information Officer may contact you during the process to update you on progress or request that you provide more details of the information you are seeking.

If the application or part of the application is refused, then the reasons for the refusal to provide the information must be provided as part of the decision together with details on the right to seek a review of the decision. This is done by writing to:

General Manager

Glamorgan Spring Bay Council

PO Box 6



Right to Information Manual and Guidelines

The Ombudsman’s Manual and Guidelines provide more detail on making requests under the Right to Information Act and how they are processed by the agency to which the request is sent.

See the Office of the Ombudsman’s website for more information


Related Acts and Regulations

You can view, download and print the following Acts and Regulations made available by the Tasmanian Legislation Online website:


Marina Berths 

Currently there are no available marina berths in Glamorgan Spring Bay Council’s marina.
If you would like to be included on the Council’s marina berth waiting list, please fill out the form with your contact and vessel details, and if a berth becomes available we will contact you.


Cemetery / Funeral 

Funeral Request Form

Glamorgan Spring Bay Council own and manage two cemeteries within the Glamorgan Spring Bay area.

  • Triabunna
  • Bicheno

For enquiries regarding the above cemeteries, such as reservations, burials or history please contact us on (03) 6256 4777 or via email