The Glamorgan Spring Bay municipality has 7 Community Halls that are available for hire.

These Community Halls are ran by our community committee volunteers, they take the payments and bookings.

If you wish to hire a hall, please completed this form and return to the committee member of the hall you wish to hire out.

Facility Use Application – Casual Hall Hire

Community Hall Hire Contacts

*Please be mindful that our Hall Committee members are volunteers.


If you wish to hire out one of the recreational grounds, please fill out the application below.


A funding scheme initiated by the Glamorgan Spring Bay Council to assist with community development in the Glamorgan Spring Bay municipal area

The Glamorgan Spring Bay Council recognises the efforts and contribution’s of sporting groups and organisations within the Community.  Any queries you may have with regard to this topic, or if you would like to find out more, please direct your enquiries to Glamorgan Spring Bay Council  (03) 6256 4777

Small Community Grants Application 


Photo & Media Consent Form 


All forms can be accessed by clicking here and selecting the Environmental Health tab.


Currently there are no available marina berths in Glamorgan Spring Bay Council’s marina.
If you would like to be included on the Council’s marina berth waiting list, please fill out the form with your contact and vessel details, and if a berth becomes available we will contact you.

Online Marina Berth Enquiry – Request to be included on the Marina Berth Waiting list

Marina Berth waiting list – Application Form

Planning Application Form

Minor works in Road Reserve – Information & Conditions Sheet 


To apply to host short stay accommodation, such as Airbnb, within the General Residential Zone; Inner Residential Zone, Low Density Residential Zone, Rural Living Zone, Environmental Living Zone, or Village Zone use the Visitor Accommodation Use in Existing Habitable Buildings Standard Application Package available from the planning reform website (

Please refer to Waste Management under Works or via the homepage Waste Management button.

Conversion From Bins to Voucher 
Garbage and Recycling collection calendar 
Waste Management Collection Waiver Application 

Do you require a new garbage/recycling lid? Put in an online request here. 




Private Works Application

Works Request Form

Online Works Request Form

Funeral Request Sheet


Permit to conduct – Activity or work within a council street

If you are considering carrying out construction or tree planting works within the road reserve on a driveway or nature strip, a permit will be required. The form above is for you.

If the works are covered in the scope of a current planning permit, liaison with councils staff is required for agreement with proposed outcomes