Bicheno Health & Medical Centre.  The Bicheno Health & Medical Centre is located at 94 Foster Street, Bicheno. Bicheno has a permanent GP, Dr Okafor Omenka and he is assisted a few days a week by Dr Liz Brown.

The Centre can be contacted on: 03 6375 1455

The May Shaw Health Centre operates the aged care facility in Wellington Street, Swansea.  They provide a range of services and many community health facilities.

They may be contacted on 03 6257 9100.


The Centre also houses the Swansea General Practice and is fortunate to have Doctor Andrew Grove and Dr Camilla Byrne engaged at the practice.

The Swansea General Practice can be contacted on 03 6257 8205.

The Triabunna Medical Centre is located in Victoria Street, Triabunna.

Doctor Pranesh Naidoo and Doctor Winston Johnson are the practicing GPs, and can be contacted on 03 6256 4747.

Council operate six Eldercare Units situated on the Esplanade in Triabunna, which is close to the Community and Health Centre, which is on the Esplanade also.

These units are maintained by Council and are rented on occasions as availability occurs.

At present there is no availability however if you would like to speak to Council to express your interest in any that may become available, please feel free to contact:
Lona Turvey on 03 6256 4778