Declared areas have been agreed to by Council and other public land managers throughout the municipality.  The maps below show the locations where dogs are allowed off lead, on lead or are prohibited at different times throughout the year for the various places.  Responsible dog management will ensure that these areas are enjoyed by everyone.  Unfortunately, non compliance could lead to infringements being issued which is not our desired outcome.


Coles Bay / Swanwick

Cressy, Spiky, Kelvedon & Mayfield Beaches

Little Swanport / Boltons Beach

Nine Mile Beach


Rheban Beach

Spring Bay, Triabunna, Barton Avenue


Dog Management Policy 2014-2019

Dog Control Act 2000 click here

Dog Control Regulations 2010 click here

The Wildlife Management Branch of DPIPWE manage the Injured and Orphaned native wildlife program.

If you are aware of any injured or orphaned native wildlife please contact the team on (03) 6165 4305 during or after hours.

Additionally Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary operate a Rescue Line, which can be contacted on 0447 264 625.  More details are available at

If there is an animal that appears to be seriously injured or compromised, it is appropriate to seek urgent medical attention from the nearest Veterinary practice that will accept wildlife (some do not). In these circumstances, it may mean that the animal is euthanised to prevent further pain and suffering.

Animal Control After Hours

Phone: 0427 562 709

Please leave a detailed message and the Council Officer on-call will respond to you in a timely manner. If it is an emergency e.g. a dog attack please also contact Tasmania Police.


Jill Dabrowski

Compliance Coordinator

Phone: 6256 4777