Did you know voting in Local Government elections is not compulsory?

If you own property within the Municipality you are automatically included on the House of Assembly Roll and therefore included to vote in these elections.

If, however, you own property in the Municipality and you reside outside the area, you may apply to be included on the General Managers Roll.

You may be eligible to be included if you are an owner on the title for the property, or are a resident of the property, ie: a tenant.

Should you wish to apply to be included on the General Managers Roll you are required to complete the Individual Application form below and return to Council.

Companies who own property within the area may also be included on the Roll, however, they are required to nominate a dedicated representative, on Company letterhead. There is also a designated Corporate Application form below which needs to be completed, and both the form and letter returned to Council.

GM Roll – Non-resident Form

GM Roll – Corporate Form

Should you have any queries with regards to this matter please contact Josie Higgins 03 6256 4759.