To ensure that everyone is prepared for an emergency situation such as fire or flood, we have developed a GSBC Emergency Management Plan for the entire municipal area.


The plan is frequently reviewed to ensure accuracy, suitability and relevance.


A Dolphin Sands Emergency Management Sub-Plan has also been developed to address situations relative to the Dolphin Sands area.  Emergency Management Sub-Plan This plan is currently under review. If you would like to have your say on what should be included in the plan, please follow this link for more information on how to submit your ideas – Community Consultation Information


What you need to know


If you are in immediate danger please call 000.

If you are not in immediate danger, we have put together some useful links and contacts that might be handy.


You can also tune into ABC radio (936 AM band) which broadcast regular updates.


We do live in an area that has been and can be affected by bushfires. If you need some information on how to be Bushfire ReadyPrepare a Survival Plan, where your Nearby Safe Place is, or even just an explanation of the Tasmania Fire Service alerts and warnings, please go to the Tasmania Fire Service website, you should find everything you need there. www.fire.tas.gov.au