Our vision

In 2020 Glamorgan Spring Bay will:

  • Be proud of our inclusive community.
  • Be responsible for our environment, health, education, heritage and the arts, with a diverse progressive and prosperous economy.
  • Offer of an attractive lifestyle, in a beautiful place.


Values to guide future choices

In all that we do, across Glamorgan Spring Bay, we will:

  • Work together and take a complete East Coast view
  • Be honest and self-reliant
  • Take the initiative and be creative
  • Build community spirit and pride
  • Move forward but retain what is good from the past


Future directions

The directions we will follow to achieve our vision are:

  1. Build our community infrastructure
  2. Age well in our communities
  3. Grow our economy and employment opportunities
  4. Protect and promote our natural beauty, environment and heritage
  5. Be visitor friendly
  6. Foster health and well being