19 July 2021

As we all know too well, Australia is still suffering the effects of border closures and unplanned, sporadic lockdowns in response to COVID-19 outbreaks. This situation adds to the difficulty in getting GPs to travel to Tasmania as they are understandably concerned about getting stranded and being unable to return home to their families.

This evolving situation is placing additional pressure on the ability to maintain the service levels at both of our Practices at Triabunna and Bicheno. These challenges are on top of the existing shortage of GP’s and other health professionals around Australia, which is being felt particularly hard in regional and remote locations. Currently there are approximately 50 unfilled GP vacancies in Tasmania.

It is in this environment that we have continued our strenuous efforts to recruit GPs to provide services to our communities at both sites. Whilst it has been a challenge, we have been able to secure locum (travelling) GPs for periods of time to provide services at both Practices. Furthermore, we are pleased to report that we have recently been successful in recruiting a new permanent GP at our Bicheno practice. We would like to take this opportunity to provide an update on progress for each Practice.

East Coast Health, Triabunna

Dr Winston Johnson continues to provide a high level of medical care to the community in his role at the Triabunna Practice. As communicated earlier in the year, we have arranged for a permanent GP to join this Practice. Unfortunately, the Doctor’s start date has been delayed due to COVID restrictions and the Australian Government Registration requirements and timeframes around relocation. We expect that the realistic start date will be towards the end of the year.

However, we are currently communicating with several doctors who have expressed an interest in joining the Triabunna Practice permanently. These discussions are ongoing and we hope that we can report back with some positive news shortly. In the interim we have organised some locum doctors to support Dr Johnson with the current workload. We have locums already booked for the months of September and October and negotiating arrangements for August.

Bicheno Medical Centre

We are pleased to advise that Dr Ashton Kelly will be joining Dr Elizabeth Grey at the Bicheno Practice at the beginning of August. Dr Kelly and his family have recently arrived back to Australia, after living in Europe for two years. Dr Kelly was previously working as an independent consultant for the World Health Organisation in Geneva, Switzerland, as well as the International Federation of Red Cross Red Crescent Societies.

Dr Liz Grey is taking a well-earned break for three weeks (12th – 30th July). We have welcomed Dr Louise Johns again as Locum for the period 12th – 23rd July. Dr Johns has been with Bicheno recently as a Locum and knows many of the patients. We will also be using other locum doctors to support the practice before Dr Kelly commences.

In regard to the Expression of Interest process, a report is being presented to Council at the 27 July meeting. This report will outline the process that will be undertaken which will commence immediately after the meeting. The panel will consist of employees and members of the community who have relevant medical experience.

The management team look forward to welcoming the new GPs to our communities and keeping you informed of progress throughout the period up to their placement and beyond.


National Tree Day started in 1996 and has grown into Australia’s largest community tree-planting and nature care event. It’s a call to action for all Australians to get their hands dirty and give back to the community. ​​​Please join this fun community planting event held in Bicheno on the 1st August 2021.

When: 1 August, 2021

Where: Allan Street Foreshore Reserve, Bicheno (on the foreshore reserve in front of the walkway between 14 and 16 Allan Street, Bicheno)

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Amanda on the below contact details.

Contact: Glamogran Spring Bay Council (Amanda Brooks) 0488 573 175


The DSRA Landcare group will be holding working bees on the last Sunday of each month, from 9.30am -11.30am

The working bee will be held on Sunday 25 July from 389 – Yellow Sandbanks Road.  They will be removing weeds from the roadside verge where the road has been widened in recent works.


At a meeting held on 22nd June 2021, Council made the following rates and charges, summarised below, for the period 1st July 2021 to 30th June, 2022:

General Rate:

For Land which is used or predominantly used for: Cents in $AAV Fixed amount
Residential 5.45 $300
Vacant Residential 5.45 $300
Primary Production 5.45 $300
Sporting or Recreation 5.45 $300
Commercial 9.7 $300
Industrial 9.7 $300
Vacant Commercial 9.7 $300

Waste Management Service Charge

General waste management base levy for all rateable land $100
Residential waste collection services $105
Commercial waste collection services $237

Fire Service Rate

Urban 0.3239260 cents in the dollar of AAV with a minimum of $42
Rural 0.4618290 cents in the dollar of AAV with a minimum of $42

Community Medical Service Charge

For all rateable land a Medical Charge of $90

Payment of rates & charges by instalments

31st August, 2021, 30th November, 2021, 28th February, 2022, 30th April, 2022.

 Interest on Overdue Rates6% per annum, calculated daily.

The full Rates Resolution are available on Council’s website or by contacting the Council Office on (03) 6256 4777

Frequently asked questions on Rates and Charges for 2021/2022
Media Release – Fairer Rates Model Adopted by Council 



Glamorgan Spring Bay Council is pleased to advise that members of the public will be able to attend Council Meetings in person once again, starting June 2021.

Due to maximum density limits associated with COVID-19, Council is able to accommodate for a maximum of 6 visitors in the Council Meeting.

Registrations will open on the Thursday prior to the scheduled monthly Council Meeting and will close by 12 noon the day before the meeting. Once the maximum numbers have been reached, no further registrations will be accepted and only members of the public who have registered for the meeting will be able to attend.

To register your attendance, please use the following link contact Council’s Executive Officer on 6256 4777.

If you have a question to ask during Public Question Time and are unable to attend the meeting, Council will allow questions to be provided by written notice up until 12 noon the day before the Council Meeting by either emailing or alternatively questions can be left in the post box outside the Council Chambers located at 9 Melbourne Street, Triabunna.


 Please be advised that the Swansea Town Hall is closed for maintenance until further notice as of Monday 10th May 2021.We apologies for any inconvenience.



The weed and vegetation control spraying program in both township and rural areas is ongoing, weather permitting. The program involves treatment in residential areas, rural roadsides and public reserves.

Council has a current list of ratepayers who have requested that areas adjacent to their properties not be sprayed. Should any property owner wish to maintain their own frontage and be included on the ‘no spray’ list please contact Council’s Works Department on 03 62564777.



Applications have been submitted to the Glamorgan Spring Bay Council for a planning permit for the following uses and/or developments.

By accessing the following information on this website, you will be taken to have agreed to the following terms and conditions:

The information on this website is provided for the purpose of encouraging public awareness and participation in the planning process in accordance with the objectives of the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993 The information is not a detailed history of the planning application process and is not notification for the purpose of section 57(3) of the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993

The contents of this website (which includes downloadable material) are subject to copyright and are protected by law.  Council grants you a non-exclusive licence to reproduce the contents of this website in your web browser for the sole purpose of viewing the content.  Council reserves all other rights.  Digital applications displayed on this website are intended for public perusal only and should not be reproduced without the consent of the copyright owner.

Persons wishing to confirm the details of the application can view the application at the locations below during normal office hours.

Application documents will be available for inspection on Council’s website at and at Council’s offices at 9 Melbourne Street, Triabunna.  Any person may make a representation on an application by letter (PO Box 6, Triabunna) or electronic mail ( addressed to the General Manager.

Name Address Application Date Closing Date Pdf file
Dwelling 35 Jetty Road, Coles Bay CT 55545/4 Friday 09 July 2021 Friday 23 July 2021

DA 2021 – 132 – 35 Jetty Rd Coles Bay Exhibited Documents

Partial demolition, additions and alterations for Caretakers Residence 40 Waubs Esplanade, Bicheno CT 172507/1 Friday 09 July 2021 Friday 23 July 2021

DA 2021 – 167 – 40 Waubs Ave, Bicheno Exhibited Documents

Outbuilding – boatshed 1238 Dolphin Sands Road, Dolphin Sands CT 54666/198 Friday 09 July 2021 Friday 23 July 2021

DA 2021 – 168 – 1238 Dolphin Sands Rd Exhibited Documents

Demolition of existing water reservoir, construction of new treated water reservoir and associated works 38 Selwyn Street, Triabunna CT 7219/1 & Selwyn St, Triabunna CT157624/1 Friday 09 July 2021 Friday 23 July 2021

DA 2021 – 175 – 38 Selwyn St, Triabunna Exhibited Documents

Dwelling 20 Tribe Street, Bicheno CT 24900/5 Friday 16 July 2021 Friday 30 July 2021

DA 2021 – 179 – 20 Tribe St Bicheno Exhibited Documents

Driveway 3 Reserve Road, Coles Bay CT 211931/23 Friday 16 July 2021 Friday 30 July 2021

DA 2021 – 126 – 3 Reserve Rd, Coles Bay Exhibited Documents

Dwelling 90 Freycinet Drive, Coles Bay CT 61085/19 Friday 23 July 2021 Friday 06 August 2021

DA 2021 – 186 – 90 Freycinet Drive Coles Bay Exhibited Documents

Fuel tank 4 & 6 Franklin Street, Swansea CT26027/1 & CT161263/2 Friday 23 July 2021 Friday 06 August 2021

DA 2021 – 189 – 4 & 6 Franklin Street Swansea Exhibited Documents

Outbuilding and addition to dwelling 43 West Shelly Road, Orford CT 15141/23 Friday 23 July 2021 Friday 06 August 2021

DA 2021 – 196 – 43 West Shelly Rd Orford Exhibited Documents

Multiple dwellings x 18 units Spencer Street, Triabunna CT55156/62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68,69, 70, 71, 72 & 98 Friday 23 July 2021 Friday 06 August 2021

DA 2021 – 32 – Spender St Triabunna Exhibited Documents