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Current Engagements


Following a second round of public consultation on this project council has made modifications to the proposed plan and is putting forward the details of the project with a time frame for completion.

We encourage people to have a look at the plans and read the information. Then provide feedback through the survey which will close on January 13th.

The survey results will be taken to a council meeting in late January with a view to progressing the project in accord with the proposed timeline incorporating any consequential findings from the survey.

  • Click here to view the Coles Bay Foreshore Pathway Plans
  • Click here to complete the Coles Bay Foreshore Survey



Engagements where feedback received is being reviewed and awaiting outcomes


Every five (5) years Council is required to review its Dog Management Policy under the Dog Control Act 2000. This Policy affects most of our residents in some form or another and ours is now due to be reviewed. The review will specifically focus on:

  • A code relating to responsible ownership of dogs
  • The provision of declared areas – on / off leash, prohibited and restricted areas.
  • A fee structure – for registration and licensing.
  • And any other relevant matter


Council is proposing to convert a few parking bays in the Harold St trailer car park to an Electric Vehicle Charging facility.

Glamorgan Spring Bay Council recognises the right of the community to be informed and have input into decisions which affect their lives.

We invited the community and key interest groups to provide feedback and developed an online survey that was available for comment until 30 September 2022.


Council was seeking comment on a proposal to change Esplanade West Triabunna into a one-way traffic street.  The section is to flow from Melbourne Street to the RSL Club carpark near Vicary Street past the Eldercare Units.

Access off Vicary Street into the RSL Club car park will still be available but no further. This change to a one-way section of road was promoted in the Triabunna Tomorrow Plan.

This proposal is to reduce heavy vehicle traffic (i.e. Semi-trailers) that are damaging the road surface and also address safety concerns around the blind corner where visibility is poor. We encouraged the community to fill out the survey as the feedback on this consultation that would assist Council in its ultimate decision.  Council will consider all issues raised.

The survey ran for the length of June and Council are collating the information in early July and will then decide whether to make the change or not.

The circled area shows the access into the RSL car park and traffic can still enter this area via Vicary Street and Esplanade West.s

The above diagram shows the section from Melbourne Street to the RSL Car Park which will become one-way.


Glamorgan Spring Bay Council and the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service (PWS) have engaged Inspiring Place to prepare a master plan that would address a range of issues and provide future direction for the foreshore.

Council and PWS recognises the right of the community to be informed and have input into decisions which affect their lives. We invited the community and key interest groups to provide comments on the key findings outlined in the draft report.

The draft report and summary of the main report is available on Council’s website via the following link

The rationale for these recommendations is provided in the main report. There are references in the questions that refer to the master plans and site concept plans provided in the main report on Council’s website.  We have developed an online survey that was available for public comment until 5pm Tuesday 28 June 2022 


In order to promote and continue to improve the good governance within Glamorgan Spring Bay Council, the Communication and Engagement Framework (‘The Framework’) has been developed.

The Framework incorporates proven best practise Frameworks in Australia. The Framework is based on International Association of Public Participation (IAP2) spectrum, which is used globally as a guide for community engagement. The Framework aligns with Council’s strategic plan 2020 – 2029 and reflects the purpose, vison, values, and objectives of that plan.

The Framework outlines how Council will communicate and engage with the community, as well as key initiatives and actions that we will take to improve communication and
engagement between Council, stakeholders and the community.

Key elements addressed in the Framework are:

  • Key Communication and Engagement Objectives
  • Principles that Guide the way we communicate and engage
  • Why we communicate and engage?
  • Who we communicate and engage with?
  • How we communicate and engage

Communication & Engagement Framework