Glamorgan Spring Bay Council advertises all permanent positions through local newspapers and where applicable interstate.

Other sources include The Australian Local Government Job Directory  and this website.

Glamorgan Spring Bay Council has a position vacant of ‘Planner or Senior Planner’. The role is a primary contact for people considering development opportunities in the municipality and will be responsible for conducting planning assessments.

The successful applicant(s) will be suitably qualified with experience in urban and regional planning and a sound understanding of planning for a coastal environment.  Communication, negotiation and problem solving skills are essential together with a customer centric focus.

Applicants are asked to identify if they are applying for a Planner or Senior Planner position as set out in the position description in the application pack.  Council is also seeking advice from applicants on the preferred working arrangements to deliver upon the role and the matching remuneration required.

All applicants must review the applicant information pack and complete the required forms and return these together with a cover letter addressing the preferred position, work arrangements, remuneration and role requirements.  The application pack is found below or contact Kristy Scott, Council’s HR Consultant on kristy@hrisesp.com.au or on 0419 534 470.

Council are not seeking graduates at this time.

Glamorgan Spring Bay Council has a full-time position for a newly created role of Deputy General Manager offered on an initial 3 year term.  The role will provide leadership and management of Council’s services and enterprises which are focused on developing and supporting a sustainable community.

Applicants are likely to have followed a career through a planning, economic/community development or compliance function from within, or by working closely with, local government.  The successful individual will have a sound understanding of legislation as it relates to development and various aspects of compliance.

People who are seeking a leadership opportunity, that are committed to continuous improvement and are customer centric focussed are sought after for this role.  Individuals that are inspired by challenge, capable change managers and comfortable working across a range of functions would enjoy this role.

Please review this application package for more information. To discuss any position information please contact Council’s HR Consultant, Kristy Scott, on phone 0419 534 470 or email kristy@hrisesp.com.au