Council understands that recent media reports have created concerns amongst the community in relation to the management of patient medical records within the municipal area and specifically at Bicheno and Triabunna, where Council provides medical administration services under the umbrella of East Coast Health. Council, as the medical administrator of East Coast Health, has provided the server and software to the Triabunna and Bicheno medical practices on which patient medical records are stored. Council staff do not, and have never, had access to patient records.  At all times patient confidentiality and privacy of records has been upheld.  Patient records are accessed according to policies and procedures that comply with privacy laws and medical codes of conduct.Council would welcome any investigation by the Tasmanian Ombudsman and Health Complaints Commissioner with full confidence that no misconduct has taken place.


Mayor Michael Kent AM




In line with the Local Government (Highways) Act 1982 – Section 31, Glamorgan Spring Bay Council intends to make application to the Department of State Growth for the installation of three (3) speed cushions on Rheban Road, Spring Beach.
The installation is within the existing 40 km/hr speed limited area.
A location map can be found by clicking on the link below or by visiting the Council Offices.
Written representations can be made to Council (PO Box 6 Triabunna 7190) with respect to the speed cushion installation and are required to be received by Thursday 13th July 2017.   Enquiries can be made to the Manager Works, Mr Tony Pollard 62564777 or

Speed Cushion Locations Spring Beach




Post the community panel discussions held at the end of April, a community survey will be conducted in August 2017.

Residents and ratepayers will receive details via a mail out on how you can complete the survey and have your say.

For more information on the South East Councils Feasibility Study and the options for Council amalgamations please click here:

South East Councils Feasibility – ABRIDGED VERSION



Photographers are invited to submit digital images taken within the Glamorgan Spring Bay municipal area.

Entries close on Friday 30th June 2017.

For further details and entry form please click here:

2017 GSBC Photographic Competition and Entry Form



Applications have been submitted to the Glamorgan Spring Bay Council for a planning permit for the following uses and/or developments.

By accessing the following information on this website, you will be taken to have agreed to the following terms and conditions:

The information on this website is provided for the purpose of encouraging public awareness and participation in the planning process in accordance with the objectives of the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993 The information is not a detailed history of the planning application process and is not notification for the purpose of section 57(3) of the Land Use Planning and Approvals Act 1993

The contents of this website (which includes downloadable material) are subject to copyright and are protected by law.  Council grants you a non-exclusive licence to reproduce the contents of this website in your web browser for the sole purpose of viewing the content.  Council reserves all other rights.  Digital applications displayed on this website are intended for public perusal only and should not be reproduced without the consent of the copyright owner.

Persons wishing to confirm the details of the application can view the application at the locations below during normal office hours.

The relevant documents will be available for inspection on Council’s website, Triabunna Council Office, Swansea Visitor Information Centre during normal working hours. Additionally, applications for Coles Bay are available for inspection at the Coles Bay Post Office and applications for Bicheno are available at the Bicheno Post Office during normal office hours. Any person may make representation in relation to the proposal/s by letter or electronic mail addressed to the General Manager.

Name Address Application Date Closing Date Pdf file
Dwelling & Outbuilding – DA17161 Land 500m west of intersection of Belbrook Rd and Crossins Road, Swansea – CT129882/5 19th July 2017 5.00pm on 1st August 2017

DA17161 Plans

Addition to buildings – DA17158 40 Waubs Esplanade, Bicheno 19th July 2017 5.00pm on 1st August 2017

DA17158 Documents

Raw (i.e., untreated) water pipeline – DA17132 Re-advertised application with amended & additional application documents & plans. Generally located between the Lower Prosser River Dam which is located approximately 2km west of Prosser River Bridge and two locations on Lot 1 Tasman Highway, Orford (CT 139972/1) which is located on both sides of Louisville Road. Specific sites include 7469 Tasman Highway, Orford (CT 229244/1, 118681/1, 135161/10 & 83384/1) & adjoining crown road reservation, the Prosser River south-west of the Lower Prosser River Dam; 160 Brockley Road, Buckland (CT 197557/1) & adjoining land to the east (CT 34549/1) & part of adjoining Old Convict Road crown reservation; the Prosser River; Crown foreshore generally between Riverside Drive & 58 Tasman Highway, Orford; Tasman Highway road reservation; Raspins Beach Conservation Area; and the Louisville Road road reservation. The two locations Lot 1 Tasman Highway, Orford (CT 139972/1) are approximately 750m north of the intersection of Louisville Road & Tasman Highway and between Meredith Point & Louisville Point, Orford 14th July 2017 5.00pm on 27th July 2017

Application Form

Appendix 2 – A – Lot 1 Alma Road

Appendix 2 – B – Brockley Road

Appendix 2 – C – Solis Tasmania

Appendix 2 – D – TasWater

Appendix 3 – A – CLS Signed Letter

Appendix 3 – B – Crown Landowner Consent to Lodge Development Application – Pipeline Orford

Appendix 3 – C – GSBC

Appendix 3 – D – DSG Application Form Signature

Appendix 4 – Drawings JMG

Appendix 5 – Functional description JMG

Appendix 6 – Aboriginal Heritage Assessment

Appendix 7 – Flora and Fauna

Appendix 8 – Prosser River Bathymetery – Reduced File Size

Appendix 9 – Prosser River Values

Appendix 10 – Paradise Probation Station – MMF

Appendix 11 – ACHM historic report final

Appendix 12 – Foreshore Contamination Management Plan

Appendix 13 – TasNetworks

Appendix 14 – Alternative route

Pipeline LUPAA submission – July modification

Boundary adjustment and subdivision (1 extra lot) – SA17017 14 Franklin Street, 2 Arnol Street, 4 Arnol Street – Swansea 5th July 2017 5.00pm on 18th July 2017

SA17017 Plans

Outbuilding including demolition of two existing outbuildings – DA17150 2 West Shelly Road, Orford 5th July 2017 5.00pm on 18th July 2017

DA17150 Plans

Dwelling – DA17130 Land north of RA18596 Tasman Highway, Bicheno (CT18812/12) 5th July 2017 5.00pm on 18th July 2017