Our vision

We want Glamorgan Spring Bay to be:

Prosperous, vibrant and inclusive. A place where people want to live, work and visit.


Our guiding principles

We will seek to:

  • Balance economic and tourism growth whilst preserving our lifestyle, celebrating our rich history and protecting the region’s unique and precious characteristics.
  • Reinforce and draw on the strengths of our communities at both a local and regional level.
  • Attract and welcome people of all backgrounds, cultures and ages to live in our region.
  • Take an East Coast perspective but also acknowledge the differing needs and priorities of each town or area.
  • Ensure that our current expenditure and ongoing commitments fall within our means so that rates can be maintained at a manageable and affordable level.
  • Draw on the knowledge and expertise of local people and communities in shaping and delivering our initiatives and plans – listening to and taking account of ideas and feedback from residents, businesses and ratepayers.
  • Communicate and explain Council’s decisions and reasons in an open and timely manner.


Key foundations

The key foundations underpinning our future success are:


  • Sound governance and financial management.
  • Cohesive, inclusive and resilient communities.
  • The creation of a positive working environment.
  • The delivering of high quality, cost-effective infrastructure and services.
  • Collaboration with our communities to value, manage and improve our natural resources.