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Bicheno Devil of a Swim

April 23

Saturday 27th April 2024  – 08:30 – 14:30

The Devil of a Swim was first created by Australian Survivor Winner and Multi Olympic Gold Medalist Shane Gould in 2009.

Hosted by Bicheno Surf Life Saving Club.

Online registration via Webscorer now available HERE

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Pre-race Info – Rules & Hints

The Bicheno Surf Lifesaving Club (BSLSC) welcomes you to the annual Devil Of A Swim, an iconic event initiated by Olympic swimmer Shane Gould.  We are excited to have you join us!  You are required to read and comply with the details below to ensure a safe and enjoyable event.


This year the Bicheno ‘Devil of a Swim’ will follow an exciting new course; from Waubs Bay clockwise around Diamond Island.

In previous years the course has taken swimmers anti-clockwise around the Island.

The new direction will allow swimmers to follow a shallower route along Redbill Beach, to the checkpoint on the sandbar.

Swimmers will then be assessed for their capacity to continue the race around Diamond Island.

Cut-off time for this 2 kilometre checkpoint in the race will be 1 hour.

After circling the island swimmers will turn at a buoy on the island side of the sandbar and head straight back to the start/finish point at Waubs Bay.

Check-in 7.30 – 8.15am
at the BSLSC Clubhouse, Jetty Rd, Bicheno.  Please update any changes to your entry before 7.45am so this can be changed online.

Briefing at 8.15am in front of the Clubhouse.

8.30am start: 5km wetsuit, no wetsuit (skins) category and fin swimmers.

2km + 1km
Check-in 9.15 – 10.20am
at the BSLSC Clubhouse, Jetty Rd, Bicheno.  Please update any changes to your entry before 7.45am so this can be changed online.
Briefing at 10.25am in front of the Clubhouse.

10.40am Wave 3 start:  2km – wetsuit, skins and fins all start together

10.45am Wave 4 start:  1km – wetsuit, skins and fins all start together

Kid’s Swim
Check-in 9.15 – 10.20am at the BSLSC Clubhouse, Jetty Rd, Bicheno.  Please update any changes to your entry before 7.45am so this can be changed online. 
Briefing at 11.15am
in front of the Clubhouse.

11.25am all kids start together.

The age requirement for the 5km, 2km and 1km is 12 years of age.

Kids Swim – across Waubs beach No age requirement.


Early Bird pricing before 23 March:

– $15 – Kids Swim – across Waubs beach

– $30 – 1km

– $40 – 2km

– $70 – 5km

After 23 March entries will be an additional $10.

Safety and weather:  The start times and swim courses are subject to change according to weather and safety considerations.  Updates will be communicated at check-in and in briefings.  If a modified swim is not possible and the whole event is cancelled, a refund will be offered less an administration fee.  Facebook will be updated where possible prior to the event https://www.facebook.com/bichenosurfclub/

  1. Race rules:

    1. Swimmers must follow the designated course as per maps provided and the briefing.

    2. The swim cap provided must be worn.

    3. 5km skins swimmers: must complete additional waiver at check-in.  To qualify as a ‘skins’ swimmer you may only wear a pair of goggles, a race cap and a lycra swimsuit – shoulder to knee – women/navel to knee – men (no neoprene).

    4. If you wish to wear fins please start at the back of the pack and please note that you won’t be eligible for placeholder prizes but you will be eligible for random draw prizes..

    5. If you need assistance in the water, please wave your arm above your head to attract attention from the water safety team.

    6. Water safety support: swimmers can rest during the event by holding onto SLSC paddle boards and then continue swimming.  If any safety concerns, the paddle boarder will liaise with the lead water safety person to assess the situation and BSLSC reserve the right to withdraw the swimmer from the race.

    7. Evacuation or emergency rescue: follow the instructions of water safety personnel, which may include watercraft pick-up or swimming to a designated location or shortest route to shore.  Do not leave the get out point until you have been accounted for.

    8. The 5km swim has a 1hr cut-off time at the Diamond Island Spit. Any swimmer not at the Spit under this time will be directed to the shore/or watercraft to finish the event.

      There will be a checkpoint for swimmers to pass through a timing chute, this is your midpoint time and safety check-off

    9. If a swimmer decides to withdraw during the race please indicate to the nearest SLSC watercraft and return to shore, notify the check-in desk of your withdrawal as soon as possible.

    10. Wetsuits may be worn (and will be the main category for entrants and placing awards).

    11. Swimmers finish through the timing chute and announce their number to timekeepers. If finishing in a group please stay in order until your name and number have been recorded.

    12. No personal support watercraft or non-entrant swimmers to be in the water during the race near the course. Immediate disqualification will apply to your swimmer.

  2. Bag drop:  Undercover area is available for your spare clothes/bags not required while racing.

  3. Post-race recovery and refreshments:  Please reduce plastic waste by bringing your own drink bottle.  Water refills available and fruit will be provided.  Hot food and drinks available for purchase from local food vans and the BSLSC.

  4. Presentations:  Will occur as soon results are in – approx. 11.45am.  This will occur on the Clubhouse deck, or if wet weather inside the building.  There will be placing awards (subject to entries) and random draw prizes on offer for those in attendance.

  5. Parking:  Available on Jetty Rd, Chadwin Ave and surrounding streets. Please do not park on driveways or block clearways.

For more information, visit Bicheno Surf Life Saving Club 


April 23