Update on Council’s progress in achieving Performance Improvement Direction milestones.

Condition assessment and audit of Council assets is well underway:

  • Pitt & Sherry have been engaged to undertake the condition assessment of Council’s road, footpath, kerb & channel assets. Which is starting on the ground this week.
  • Council have engaged a Stormwater Engineer to review Council’s stormwater and drainage assets, develop the Stormwater Management Plan and develop plans to address urgent stormwater issues.
  • Council have had the playgrounds independently inspected and assessed.

Council have engaged an Asset Management Engineer for 6 months to work on bringing all the plans and data together into the Long Term Asset Management Plan. Council have also employed a casual Surveyor to assist with collecting data and updating our GIS system, he will be working closely with the Asset Management Engineer and the Stormwater Consultant.

Council’s Asset Management Policy is currently being drafted and should be ready to be reviewed by Council by 30 September.

Marissa Walters, Acting General Manager