PARKS & WILDLIFE: Camp fire restrictions – Glamorgan Spring Bay area 2020-2021


This year there will be restrictions in place for the Tasmanian Parks & Reserves to reduce the risk of bushfires. These restrictions are important to help protect visitors and our community.

Restrictions on campfires, pot fires and other solid fuel stoves will come into place on Friday the 4th of December 2020. Gas stoves and gas barbecues will be permitted.

Parks & Wildlife will have signage in each fire restriction location and are regularly updating their website and social media. If you require any addition information in regards to the campfire safety restrictions please click here.  

PARKS & WILD LIFE: Planning for Maria Island 


  • The Parks and Wildlife Service is commencing work on updating the Maria Island Management Plan and the site plan for the Darlington Probation Station World Heritage site.
  • Local firm, Inspiring Place, has been contracted to oversee the review and update of the plans. They will be engaging the community and stakeholders such as the Glamorgan Spring Bay Council throughout the project.
  • One of the initial steps will be the development of discussion papers as a basis for gaining public and stakeholder input into the development of the draft plans. Those discussion papers are due to be released early in the new year and public forums will be held in Triabunna, Launceston and Hobart in the new year.

People will be able to track the project and access the discussion papers and other information via the project’s Have Your Say page on the Parks and Wildlife Service website.



PARKS & WILDLIFE – Monitoring of beaches to protect our Shorebird’s

Did you know that Tasmania holds 50 per cent of the world’s population of Hooded Plovers and Pied Oystercatchers?

Sadly, numbers of these shorebirds on many beaches are declining, or are no longer present at all. Red-capped Plovers are disappearing even more rapidly.

Populations of many species of shorebirds on the mainland are declining at a more rapid rate than in Tasmania, making Tasmania’s shorebird conservation role at the national and international level even more significant.

The survival of these shorebird and tern species is dependent on the awareness of beach users – walkers, surfers, dog walkers, fishers and those that love the beach. It is critical we are all aware of the dependence the birds have on this shared habitat.

Councils along with PWS staff will be monitoring beaches these holidays to educate the community about observing the on-lead, off-lead dog restrictions. Over the next few days there efforts will focus on Triabunna and Bay of Fires.

Let’s enjoy our beaches while protecting the shorebirds.



Updated 02-12-2020

COVID-19 TESTING CLINIC – 22ND & 23RD OF January 2021 

A covid-19 testing clinic will be open to the public by the Department of Health Tasmania on Friday the 22nd & Saturday the 23rd of January 2021.

Location: 76 Maria St, Swansea

Time: 10-3pm

There will be no booking required.


Council currently has 26 applications on public notification placing pressure on our notice board and flanking benches. This is apparently a record.

GSBC officer is out in the field posting the respective notices on site!

This is an excellent sign for the Glamorgan Spring Bay municipality!




The Orford Rivulet bridge is a hive of activity with the footpath and kerb and channel being poured. It’s Amazing to think that just 2 months ago this site was washed-out with over 400 properties cut off. As you can see the old timber bridge is still visible in the background of these photographs taken on