SERDA assists with a local approach

Keen to develop your workforce through training, recruitment or leveraging leading network opportunities? Want to start your own business idea, or improve your existing business?

South East Regional Development Association (SERDA) covers the Sorell, Clarence, Glamorgan Spring Bay, and Tasman Local Government Areas, and can help.

To date, through their Workforce Development and Enterprise Centre Programs, SERDA have placed more than 320 local people in local

Employment and assisted 64 local businesses to start or grow – and counting…

SERDA’s Workforce Development Program is a regional solution, created to help businesses to connect Local People for Local Jobs. SERDA can help you with your local workforce development needs, finding trained and capable staff, niche recruitment services, and leading network opportunities.

SERDA also offers business advice to start ups and existing small businesses (employing less than 20 people) through their Enterprise Centre Program.

Enterprise Centres Tasmania (ECT) is a state-wide network of business advisors and mentors, created to help small businesses and their owners to reach their potential. SERDA can provide up to 2 hours free advice for new businesses, and up to 5 hours free advice for established businesses that have been in operation for 12 months or more.

SERDA offers a flexible approach to your workforce, training, and business advisory needs. They are happy to meet with you at your business, their offices at Sorell Council, or anywhere in between.

To access the Workforce Development Program, contact Andrew Hyatt: 0488 667 898 or

To access the Enterprise Centre Program, contact Oliver Strickland: 0417 294 598 or